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Thursday, 2017-03-30, 2:44 PM
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Resident Evil Remake 2002-2011
2011-05-04, 7:18 PM
Resident Evil Remake (2002-2011/ENG/PC/Repack by Max)
Apr 30, 2002 | English | PC Game | Developer:Capcom | Publisher:Capcom | 1.85 GB 
Genre:Horror Action Adventure

In the courtyard stood the deepest night, and even the sad moon night lady, could not shed its light through the dense dark clouds hanging over the city. Dogs were howling. Nobody knows what they want, and when the guess is too late ...
The grass swayed by allowing Trinity to run silently, like shadows, but they did not use the gift, they cried. The creaking of the door. Pistol-shot ...
The game tells the story of three special agents who were sent to the outskirts of the town of Raccoon, with a "special mission" of the essence of which, the old tradition of leadership or a joke, of whom nobody knew. And I will not tell you not to break the interest of those who undertake to play for the first time.

Terrible game. Broken turntables. Not working relationship. Old dark house on the edge of the forest. Bunch of strange, limping dogs, eagerly sniffing the outside. Open cabinets, looking at you with black failures of their empty bowels and terrifying inhabitants of the mansion. You have to survive the obstacles in the game so you will find more than enough.
Game besides shooting forever last cartridge is saturated with puzzles of relative consistency and various extreme situations in which the instantaneous decisions on your life depends.
Best game of the series. The atmosphere of fear passed so much better than the sequel and the third part, a voice natyanet string of nerves on the critical limit. The only Survival Horror, which is able to compete with this game - only the first part of Silent Hill.
If you dare to swim with his head in viscous viscous mass of horror, all I'm after you call out - "No fluff!

Game Features

* The original, rebirth version of the game for the GameCube and includes new rooms, areas, items and monsters that were not included in the original 1996 for the PlayStation
* Survival of the fittest: Fight against rotting zombies, infected dogs, and giant bosses, if you really want to survive this nightmare
* Weapon defense: Off protects the character of the attacked
* Your favorite characters in Resident Evil for GameCube: play as Jill Valentine, and for Chris Redfilda. They each have their own storyline and its nightmarish path into the heart of darkness
* Astounding puzzles: Solve dangerous, intricate puzzles and uncover horrifying secrets of the mansion ...
* Over 10 different endings of the game: Unique endings depending on player's actions and successes throughout the game
* Amazing graphics
* Great sound
* An incredible atmosphere of fear and terror
* The reference to games of such a plan, gameplay
* Model the behavior of monsters worthy of admiration
* Various locations

Features RePack

* The basis is taken emulator r7490
* The video does not run faster than the music and sounds
* All items are in place
* Fixed bugs with sound
The game provides a stable 60 FPS
* Set up nothing, only the most minor point is its screen resolution and format, as well as anti-aliasing
* Additional software (Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 Redist 32/64 bit when Crash and error MSCRV100.dll. Reg file for those who avtoran with the characters)
* Avtoran with musical accompaniment

Installing and Running
1. Open the file autorun.exe
2. Click Install
3. Install and iraem

Resident Evil Remake (2002-2011/ENG/PC/Repack by Max)

Resident Evil Remake (2002-2011/ENG/PC/Repack by Max)

Resident Evil Remake (2002-2011/ENG/PC/Repack by Max)

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