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Thursday, 2017-03-30, 2:41 PM
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Fallout New Vegas:Extended HD Edition 2011
2011-07-26, 9:49 AM
Fallout New Vegas 2011 - Extended HD Edition (2011/MULTI2/RePack from cdman) Release of 20/07/2011
Year: 2011 | PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | 7.88 GB
Genre: Action / RPG / 3D

The new head of the cult role-playing series, which the unfolding events in the world, post-nuclear war.
Welcome to New Vegas - a city of dreamers and hunters for good luck. Three groups are ruthless struggle for control of this oasis in the post-apocalyptic desert. Those who are well armed and knows what he wants, is quickly become famous, but end up being a lot of enemies. Do the hard way on a hot wasteland Mojave, go to the Hoover Dam, walk on the streets of the glittering neon of Vegas. While traveling, you meet many colorful personalities, will take part in clashes between factions of power hungry, and fight with mutants of all stripes and sizes, and experience the unparalleled power of weapons. Decide who will be your ally, or by choosing the path of the hero's single, stand edinovlastnym King of New Vegas!

System requirements:
> Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
> Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 5200 +
> Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista)
> Hard disk: 15 Gb
> Sound device: compatible with DirectX
> Video: ATI Radeon 1300 XT / NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

Hot Vegas. Explore the vast expanse - from the provincial small towns scattered across the Mojave Wasteland, to the magnificent shining lights of the streets of New Vegas.
Your word. The war between competing factions will forever change the lives of the inhabitants of the city. On whose side in this conflict will take you, everything depends: who would have to meet and communicate, who will be loyal companions, and who - a sworn enemy, and of course, the final struggle for power.
Fresh ideas. The new system of communication with partners; reputation system - remember, a backfire, and respond; mode "Hardcore" - for those who are not looking for easy ways, special techniques of unarmed combat.
To arms! Arsenal is twice represented in Fallout 3: Now you have more than enough funds to adequately respond to any threat. In addition, the Vault-Tec engineers have developed a new weapon system configuration that will repair and modify any dangerous "toys" in any place at any time.
Complete chaos. Here is a huge world, you are free to choose its own path. Travel and sightseeing, fight shoulder to shoulder with those who, in your opinion, it is worth, or become a lone hero - it's your world, this is your game!

Features repack
Do not cut \ No compression
Integrated Steam Update # 6 by Skidrow (v1.3.0.452)
Integrated DLC: Preorder Bonus DLC Pack, Dead Money, Honest Hearts + latest Russifiers them from Modgames
Integrated HD-texture Cheap but Good v2.1 - Asuka Edition (optional) - replacement of almost all textures in the game, a great optimization
Integrated Essential Visual Enhancements v1.1 - improved set of special effects (Extended Edition)
Integrated A World Of Pain v1.2 - global quest modes (more than 100 new locations), substantially expands the world of FNV (Extended Edition)
Integrated Project Nevada v2.1 - a set of thematic modules that enhance various aspects of the game (Extended Edition)
Integrated FreePlay Mod v3.0 - fashion, allowing to continue playing after the main storyline (Extended Edition)
Integrated Level Cap 100 - This plugin changes the threshold pumping level to 100, now in Fallout NW can play forever (Extended Edition)
Integrated More Perks v3.3.5 - plugin adds 75 new perks (Extended Edition)
Integrated Underground Hideout v3.8 - adds to Mohavskuyu wasteland underground bunker for the PC (Extended Edition)
Integrated Follower Home Marker v1.3 - mod adds the ability to send annoying companions into a temporary retirement, not only in the Lucky 38 (standard feature), but also in any of your many houses (Extended Edition)
Integrated New Vegas Mod Manager v0.10.41 (NVMM) - easy to use manager modifications
Integrated New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) v2.0 Beta 4 - needs to run properly, some mods
Integrated Purge Cell Buffers - periodically automatically cleans the cache in-game by removing unused objects (performance tweak)
Integrated New Vegas Stutter Remover - plug-in to NVSE, fine tuning the game engine (performance tweak)
Integrated FNV Enhanced Shaders v3 Lite - High Performance Edition (optional) - a graphical tweak (recommended for slower machines)
The possibility of self-renewal repack (fnv_updates.rar file in the root DVD2)
Automatic installation Redistributables (optional): VCPP 2008 Runtimes, DirectX
Bilingual (rus / eng) installer
Installation time - 25 minutes (FNV + HD-Textures + Extended Content)

How to update your own release?
In DVD2 \ Data file is located fnv_updates.rar - this is normal RAR-archives, whose contents at the completion of the installation is unpacked in the root folder of the game with the replacement of existing files.

The installer provides two options for installing your choice:
1) FNV Standard Edition - FNV (v1.3.0.452, Update 6) + all the official DLC + HD-texture (optional)
2) FNV Extended Edition - FNV (v1.3.0.452, Update 6) + all the official DLC + AWOP v1.2 + EVE v1.1 + PN v2.1 + Other Small Mods + HD-texture (optional)

To start the Extended Edition
1) set the Extended Edition
2) Run the Launcher (the option "Start Game" at the end of the installation, or shortcuts "Fallout New Vegas (Launcher)" on the desktop or in ProgramGroup)
3) in the launcher click "Options", set up in accordance with their preferences, then click "Exit"
4) run the game with the label "Fallout New Vegas (NVSE)" on the desktop or in ProgramGroup

Integrated formal DLC
Dead Money ("Dead Money")
Action Dead Money is in the Sierra Madre - an extravagant luxury casino, which was to become the greatest in all the west, but never opened. Bombs fell to the grand opening, and the Sierra Madre froze in time, firmly locked security systems. Nothing can get inside and none of the visitors could not get out. After many years of air conditioning systems inside the building began to release toxins into the surrounding city, gradually filling the territory of the clouds and mist, injure or kill anyone who tried to explore the city. Only a mysterious group called the People-ghosts can survive in the cloud and consider the city their home. Dressed in something resembling a protective suits, they never talk to their victims, who grabbed and drags alive to the depths of the city, into the depths of Cloud.
Honest Hearts ("Sincere Heart")
Plot additions will be developed in Zion National Park. In our caravan attack gang of savages - and all with this start. We will be dragged into a war between the local tribes, as well as between a missionary from New Canaan and the legendary Burnt. From our actions will depend on the fate of this region.
CLASSIC PACK (Classics Set)
Composition of the DLC:
Armor Vault 13 - heavily patched and strengthened with pieces of metal, this armor is a tribute to the original Fallout.
Flask Vault 13 - This useful tool will not let you die of dehydration (yes, and from small wounds will save) in the Mojave Desert.
Old 10mm gun - well-worn 10mm gun is still able to help you in a fight, despite its modest size.
5 stimpacks - Food and water are good for long-term treatment, but in the heat of battle there is nothing better stimpaka to stand on their feet.
TRIBAL PACK (package Barbara)
Composition of the DLC:
Armor-raiders savages - assembled from pieces of armor, the clothing provides good protection without sacrificing mobility.
Huge machete - a heavy weapon is a flurry of blows caused great damage to the extremities.
5 servings a colorless poison - applicable to all types of knives, this poison can quickly kill any person.
10 throwing knives - if you want to quietly nailed to the wall of the head of your enemy, nothing better than throwing knives you will not find it.
Composition of the DLC:
Light leather armor - leather armor this modified weighs less than others, but protects the worse.
Strong Shotgun traveler - in spite of the rough appearance, the shotgun is guaranteed to shoot bullets 20th-caliber long journey did not come to an end.
4 repair kit - useful for repairing the equipment, repair kits - these are valuable tools in the bag every traveler.
Binoculars - Mojave Desert - a dangerous place, but with this reliable binocular you'll see danger from afar.
MERCENARY PACK (Set Mercenary)
Composition of the DLC:
Light gauge metal armor - designed for long journeys, metal armor lose a bit of protection, but the gains in mobility and weight.
Grenade mercenaries - although it is similar to other 40mm grenade launchers, this model has a faster recharge.
3 super stimpaka - when you just need to avoid blood loss, time use super stimpaka.
3 doctoral bags - mercenaries, and broken limbs, such as inseparable as the Iguana on a stick and Nuka-Cola. Fortunately, these bags will put you on their feet.

Integrated unofficial add-on
Cheap but Good HD Texture Pack v2.1 - Asuka Edition ("HD-Patterns")
Collection of HD-textures for Fallout: New Vegas "cheap and cheerful" - less demanding alternative to hardware collections with better quality and "hard" texture. It is designed for those who have had problems with the stability of the game after installing too high-resolution textures and volume. And those who did not wish to put collections in addition to new textures which include a variety of modes and additional items (weapons, armor, locations, quests, characters, etc..), Sometimes negatively affect performance and stability of the game. The collection includes a texture with optimal size / quality, not increase the load on the computer - assuming that it is suitable for comfortable game in the original game on maximum settings. The probability of technical problems due to weight and size of textures - is minimal. The difference is as standard and new textures clearly visible and pleasing to the eye. Most of the textures are taken from the site newvegasnexus.com and are the latest versions on 6/20/11, while working on a number of them continues.

Collection HD-Texture consists of the following components:

NMC's Texture Pack - landscape, materials, furniture,
NV Terrain Recreational Project - land, mud, sand
Textures Over Time - mountains, rocks
OJO BUENO High Quality Texture Workshop - interior, cars, landscape, plants
Arenovalis Weapon Retexture Project - Firearms
Hi-Res World View Weapon Textures - small arms, edged weapons, mines, grenades
DIMONIZED Type3 Body Official Release - women's bodies
Breezes New Vegas Males - male body + fix for reservation
Hunters Joy Pack - Creatures Tweaked Textures - beings and animals, a pair of robots
Realistic Gunshot Sounds - realistic sounds of gunfire and explosions
Pipboy Custom 3002 - Pip-Boy
Enhanced Blood Textures for NV - blood and wounds
ED-E Retexture - ED-E
Type3 Body and Armor Replacer - Veronica's Clothing
Money Higher Quality Retex - money
Cigarettes Replacement - cigarettes "Camel"
AcidBlood - cnaypersky sight
HI-RES Chems and Health Re-Texture - drugs (4 pieces)
Hectrol - hatch cover and the mailbox
Asuka Fortune Loading & Asuka HUD - the interface elements Asuka
Millinescence - the main menu screen
Mental Gear - fire extinguisher, battery lantern showcase
A World Of Pain v1.2 ("World Pain")
A World Of Pain - modification, for many needs no introduction, strongly takes place in ten the best mods for voting users Newvegasnexus.
Features versions:
* 95 new locations - from very large to small
* A new, large and populous city with its storyline
A large number of terminals and cards
* About 40 new NPCs with unique stories and dialogues
* Hundreds of new NPCs in the wastelands
* Lots of new dealers, repairmen and doctors
* Rate the story to battle eight well armed soldiers (and, perhaps, and the claw of death along with them)
* 6 new quests - from small to extensive
A large number of new NPC boss level - both in the wasteland, and in new locations
This modification is, above all, adds a huge number of new areas to explore, filled with monsters and a great reward (including enhanced versions of conventional weapons). In general, the modification will add to your game from a few to many hours of gameplay and research. This modification is complicated and contains a strong action-component, so stocked with guns and ammunition.
Essential Visual Enhancements v1.1 ("New visual effects")
Many of you remember, the floor-space modifications to FO3, called EVE: Energy Visuals Enhanced.
So, EVE is back! This time he again made from scratch, but most importantly it covers all kinds of visual effects!
Not only Energy Weapons!
Maud adds:
- Critical deaths
- Models and textures Energy Weapons
- Explosions
- The impact of
- Static animation
- And much more
NOTE: EVE is constantly growing and evolving, so you can wait for new updates.
Features fashion:
- All weapons have new laser effects.
- For each weapon there are new packages of exposure (on stone, wood, metal).
- All laser weapon has at least 12 killings of critical beautiful.
- Laser Gun / Rifle are new textures and models for the modifications.
- Lasers boil water in contact with her.
- New explosion of limbs.
- New effects when hit in the head (to humans).
- New effect when released into the water.
- New rocket! (Models, textures, sounds, visual FX).
- And more.
FNV Enhanced Shaders v3 Lite ("Improved shader")
FNV Enhanced Shaders gives more realistic post-apocalyptic world of lighting and adds depth to, among other effects. Greatly accelerates the processing of graphics, which can be useful on slower machines.

Release 07/20/2011 - list of changes:
- Integrated Steam Update # 7 by Skidrow (v1.4.0.525)
- New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) has been updated to v2 Beta 9
- Removed New Vegas Stutter Remover (plug-in to NVSE to improve performance, is not supported by current version of the game)
- Integrated Merged Patch for Extended Edition (ensures that no conflicts between modes)
- The installer now generates the correct Load Order, so that fashion is loaded in the correct sequence
- Animenyashki, realistic sounds of shots, color map now put option
- HD-texture upgraded to v2.5 and adapted to the Extended Edition (optional)
- Integrated fashion Darnified UI + Revelation - a new advanced user interface (optional)
- Integrated fashion Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX) - a powerful weapon mod (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Interior Lighting Overhaul - Realistic Interiors - realistic interior lighting (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Dog City Denver - Quest mode (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Unlimited Companions - carry with them as partners as you want (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Reactive People - Project Ultimatum (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion ELECTRO-CITY - Quest mode + improved lighting (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Red Rock Ranch - Quest mode + home player (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion New Vegas Bounties I - Quest mode (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Bank Card - Credit Card New Vegas (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Rust Town - Quest mode (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Bobblehunt - A Bobblehead Scavenger Hunt - hunting for dolls (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion A13 FNV Recipe Notes - recipes (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion Willow - A Better Companion Experience - a new kompanonsha (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio - music with a real American Radio Civil Defense during the Cold War (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion CDMAN's Desert Eagle Station - radio, my music collection, hits the 60-70s, 50 tracks (Extended Edition)
- Integrated fashion CDMAN's Lonely Shepherd Station - radio, my selection of music, 70's and 90 hits, 50 tracks (Extended Edition)

Fallout New Vegas 2011 - Extended HD Edition (2011/MULTI2/RePack from cdman) Release of 20/07/2011
Fallout New Vegas 2011 - Extended HD Edition (2011/MULTI2/RePack from cdman) Release of 20/07/2011

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