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Earthrise 2011
2011-02-11, 5:47 PM
Earthrise PC 2011

developer: Masthead Studios | genre: MMO / cRPG | platform: PC / Windows | World: 21 January 2011
USA: 21 January 2011 | Europe: February 2011 | play modes: massive online multiplayer 
multiplayer: LAN / Internet | game language: English |age requirements: 12+
suggested system requirements: Pentium 4 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB.

Uploaded On : HotFile , FileServe , FileSonic , DuckLoad , Usershare , One Link 

In the aftermath of the Third World War, mankind has managed to survive and build a new society: the prosperous city of Sal Vitas. Cloning, nanotechnology and quantum engineering are part of a new reality. Thanks to these technological advances, the human species has become immortal; each individual’s consciousness is stored in a data vault, ready to be uploaded into a cloned body as necessary. New energy sources have been discovered. There is a unified government that takes good care of those citizens who abide by its strict laws. Paradise, it appears, might really have come to Earth, and the people have embraced it.

But not everything is as perfect as it appears. By exercising full control over the cloning process, Sal Vitas’ government decides who will live and who will not, playing the role of God on Earth. Insurgent forces have accused the city’s rulers of crimes against humanity. Armed factions fight for resources and power within the new system. And from the waves of discontent, a rebellion has fomented and formed a shadow government: Noir.

Featuring a unique skill-based advancement system and player-driven economy, as well as extensive, meaningful player-vs.-player combat, Earthrise gives you innumerable choices to forge your destiny. Whether you’re a noble soldier in the raging conflict between the Utopia and the rebellion, a criminal hiding from the law or a world-renowned engineer whose power extends into intricate trade and politics, your actions will echo throughout the game world.

Usershare 450 MB


Fileserve 450 MB


FileSonic 450 MB


Hotfile 200 MB

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