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Ancients of Ooga 2011
2011-05-23, 2:15 PM
Ancients of Ooga - PAG
Release: 2011
Genre: Action Arcade | Developer: NinjaBee
Language: English | PC game
Size: 219.56 MB | FS+FSN+ULS+WU

From the creators of 'Cloning Clyde' comes a new epic adventure!
Eat, chant, and even puke your way through the highly comical, primeval land of Ooga! There’s never a dull moment as you meet, befriend, and finally acquire seven zany Oogani tribes. Uncover their lost ancient powers, and exploit their abilities and lead them in a revolt against the tyrannical Boolis. Classic platforming/puzzle solving with a novel eat/carry/puke inventory management component. Over fifty amazing levels, plus, narcotic slugs that make you loopy!

Ancients of Ooga is sure to take you out of this world.

• Revive murdered chieftains, each with incredible abilities to control the elements
• Play as seven different Oogani tribes, each with unique powers
• Classic platforming and puzzle solving with a novel eat/carry/puke inventory management system
• More than 50 levels of eating, puking, fighting and puzzle-solving action
• Includes 7 extra levels from "The Forgotten Chapters" DLC

1. Unpack the release (7zip!)
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy paul.dll from the PAG folder to the game installation folder
5. Play the game

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